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Let's talk about BUDGETS!!

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

This is always a hot topic for those in the Event Design Industry. When people say budget, it is almost like asking someone for their social security number. As a decorator, I ask clients for a budget to determine what boundaries we will work within and to see if what they are requesting matches their budget. When asked what your budget and the response is "I do not have a budget" this means that you as the consumer should go back to the drawing board and have an idea as to what amount you are not willing to go beyond. When I go to Hobby Lobby, I set a budget for my spending on that visit. When I go to the shoe store, I have a budget that I cannot go over for that day. You always have a budget in mind! As a designer, we need to know how to build your package. It is the difference between having plastic utensils versus silverware or using brown metal folding chairs versus Chiavari chairs. It is the difference of using plain while table linen or specialty table linen. When we are aware of the budget it allows us to steer you in the direction in which you want to go in.

When you are looking to purchase a house, you have a budget! Paying for a event decorator will be an investment because you are paying for someone to complete a JOB, a job that you are not able to fulfill on your own. For example, I can buy nail polish for the store and paint my own nails, however it would look like my 6-year-old granddaughter did them. I must go to the nail salon because I am not skilled in doing so.

When I hear, "I do not have a budget" it also sends the signal that you are 1) not serious 2) trying to get ideas to do yourself or 3) withholding information to see if you are being cheated. When no budget is given, it is asking someone to blindly create a proposal with no true vision as to what is within your financial abilities. If you are unsure a budget, then Google is your best route.

For those with a budget, keep in mind that your budget should match your request. The budget you have allows for plastic table cloths outside in the backyard, but your vision is Marriott's Grand Ball Room then your expectations + your budget is not realistic.

When seeking services, I advise having a BUDGET in mind that matches your request.

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